2010-3-1 2010-3 Pixeland have been Tencent Game studios CP in 2010. Continue to work with Tencent game studio have a more comprehensive co-operation.
2010-2-1 2010-2 Pixeland welcome the Square Enix core production members to come to visit our company. They are the main producers of Final Fantasy 13.
2009-12-16 Pixeland going to Yokohama to join the Siggraph Aisa 2009.
2009-7-1 This year, we continue cooperation with the Tencent game Department with 3 MMOG online games.
2009-6-20 we are moving to our new office!
2009-5-30 Pixeland have been tencent's CP in 2009.
2008-12-10 we join the siggraph asia 2008 in Singapore.
2008-7-10 The Pixeland invited to participate in the Vocational Centre in Shenzhen on "the development of animation," the study meeting of experts.
2008-6-1 Our studio again to the production of fine quality, won the 2008-2009 year Tencent eligible CP.
2008-4-1 Participation in the production of the first Tencent development of online games "free fantasy" information chapter has.
2007-12 Nanchang Fm training center graduated 80 percent of students to successfully enter formal production.
2007-12 Tencent company's new products "QQ Fantasy 2" game scenes begin production.
2007-10 Pixeland become Tencent Companys Game outsourcing content providers.
2007-8 26-sports movement cartoon series, "KIKI SPORT" officially began production.
2007-8 Pixeland become QQshow V2 projects content providers.
2007-6-20 he hundred sets long cartoon film 100 Questions of Weather were finished after three-years effort.
2006-11-12 ShenZhen pixeland digital production cooperated with Fanmei, and the training center began to admit students at the same day.
2006-7-24 the game title of network game SINO-JAPANESE WAR ONLINE which made for BaoDe Network Company has received high praise on Chinajoy Festival.
2006-5-10 successfully bid as a supplier of Tencent Companys animation CP 2006 and got the second position in all the 26 tenders who bid for animation.
2006-3-31 the program which made for Free Talk E News of Jiangxi Television Station city channel broadcasted successfully.
2006-1-18 meteorological science 3D animation is evaluated well and its development and production create a precedent of producing meteorological television cartoon films of the country. On March, the samples of 100 Questions of Weather has received high praise on the global meteorological video exchange meeting in French Gannes. In 2004, we have finished scientific archives 80 sets, scenarios 20 sets, scripts 15 sets. By the end of the year, we have finished 5 products. ( Content from the China Meteorological Administration)
2004-8-25 Shenzhen pixeland digital production has been founded. We just only have 3 artists.